Excel Pivot table training

The opening conference session will be an intermediate session on getting the most from pivot tables that I am presenting.

I’m a big pivot table fan and use them in pretty much every system I build for clients. On smurfonspreadsheets a while ago we discussed everyones favourite Excel feature, most people said pivot tables. And yet many people who could benefit in so many ways from using them avoid them. This opening session aims to make them more accessible for everyone.

The session will look at some of the reasons I like pivot tables, and some of the features I have found most useful over the years.

When and why to use pivot tables, and when not to
Pivot tables are superb in a great many situations, but every now and then you come up a case where the pivot way may not work well.

Preparing source data to be pivoted
I’m convinced one of the barriers would-be pivoters come up against is having source data in a less than ideal format. This section will discuss the issues and solutions. We’ll also look at grabbing external data, as that can be a massive win when planning reporting and analysis applications.

Professional pivot based reporting
Basic pivot tables can be just wide of what is needed for quite a few reasons, this section looks at common modifications that make them more likely to be acceptable to business customers.

Fine tuning presentation and analysis with calculations
The black art of getting pivot table calculations to actually calculate what you want, correctly, in all cases.

Charting pivot data
Pivot tables can be a pain to chart nicely, this section looks at some approaches to make that easier.

Introduction to Pivot Table VBA
Like so much in Excel a little VBA magic can go a long way with pivot tables. Guru coding skillz are not needed to boost the usability of your pivots.

The session will be an interactive one, with shout-out questions welcome, and time for more discussion at the end. It will be practical, Excel based with minimal PowerPoint. All sample workbooks and VBA utilities will be freely available to delegates.

If there is something you need to know about pivot tables in Excel that is not covered in the above agenda, drop me a line via the contact info and I’ll be sure to cover it.




4 Responses to “Excel Pivot table training”

  1. Excel conference « Smurf on Spreadsheets Says:

    […] more in-depth outline of the Excel Pivot table session I’ll be presenting at the conference. Its here (on the dedicated conference […]

  2. Marcus Says:

    Will ‘common modifications’ include custom functions?

  3. Simon Says:

    Marcus – what did you have in mind?
    I was thinking more of Table and field settings to tidy things up. I’m working on 10-15 mins for each heading.
    I wasn’t planning on looking at custom funcs, the nearest would be calc’d items and fields. (And GETPIVOTDATA)
    Do you think I’m missing something?

  4. Marcus Says:

    No, just my inappropriate use of terminology – if you’re covering Calculated Fields and Items – that’s it.

    Cheers – Marcus

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