Excel VBA training

One of the great strengths of Excel compared to alternative spreadsheets is the power, simplicity and refinement of the integrated programming language VBA. Whilst the conference aims to cover as broad a range of Excel based content as possible, it would be remiss to ignore VBA. A little bit of VBA can go a long way in improving a spreadsheet, in a variety of ways.

There are several sessions at the Excel User conference focusing on VBA. The outlines for all the sessions are here.

On Thursday, Andy Pope is doing an advanced level add-on class covering Class modules.

Using classes and the associated object oriented design can often make a solution much more simple to code and maintain. This OO approach is also followed by most of the modern Visual Studio languages.

On Friday there are 2 advanced level VBA sessions in the conference, which reflects how useful VBA can be.

In the morning I’m doing a session on good design in VBA, this will touch on classes, but focus more on general areas that apply whatever design is used.

In the afternoon Charles Williams is doing a session of writing efficient user defined functions in VBA. Its common to be able to swap fairly ugly worksheet formulas for simple elegant VBA functions. Charles will be showing how to do that without affecting performance.

Also on Friday afternoon Bob Phillips is running an intermediate add-on class covering some of the VBA tips and tricks he has picked up over the years. This is an excellent opportunity if you are just finding your feet in VBA to really boost your knowledge, and learn some tried and tested ways to to get things done.

There is also plenty to learn at the conference if you have no interest in VBA of course.



[And if you are staying for the Excel Developer conference on the Saturday we will be looking at what the future might hold for the VBA language and our solutions based on it. Well worth attending.]


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