Conference numbers

We had a query recently about the number of people coming to the conference. I thought others might be interested too.

Last year I think there were around 40-50 delegates, this year we are expecting similar, or possibly slightly less due to the shorter booking window. There is still plenty of time to book of course. And we might even be accepting registrations on the day? (I’ll need to check that one). Thursday and Friday we are running 2 simultaneous tracks, 1 conference one, and one add-on class one. (Saturday is just one track).

So the attendance was neatly summed up as:

Enough to create a lively atmosphere, but not so many that you get lost in the crowd.

I think thats a good description.

I just looked at Microsofts TechEd that happened in Barcelona last week – they had over 4,000 delegates. Thats bigger than my local town!

The Excel User conference is a much smaller scale, friendly, informal gathering of a bunch of people who want to share their knowledge and share in the knowledge of others. Plenty of that will be happening outside of the formal sessions in the breaks, and in the pub.



[And today is the last day of early bird discounts so go and book ASAP]


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