The future of VBA

I have been preparing for the Future of VBA session that kicks off the Excel developer conference on Sat 1 Dec.

Somewhat coincidentally Dick over on DDOE has recently done a couple of posts in this very area.

It’s reassuring to see there are a few people with the same concerns.

The Saturday session will look briefly at the history of VBA and its predecessor XLM and trace that through some of the very latest thinking in language design both within Microsoft and outside. That will of course involve .net, VSTO and VSTA.

It will be an open session so if you have any comments or questions bring them along and chip in.

Some of the key questions people involved with VBA have revolve around where is the language going, what are the timescales and implications so on. Whilst definitive answers to many of these questions are hard come by (I suspect some are still in discussion at Microsoft) we will attempt to give some usable guidance.

Another common question in the forums is what should I be doing now to prepare for VBAs future direction? We’ll take a look at that too, with advice for all of the difference sectors of the VBA user/developer community.

A few events I have attended recently have touched on this future of VBA hot potato, this session will be the first (public) one dedicated to this topic, that I have been involved with. I’m looking forward to hearing what other devs think is coming up, and how we might handle it.

Hope to see you there




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