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Excel Dev conf presenter – Stephen Allen

December 23, 2011

Name:        Stephen Allen

Business:    ACBA (UK) LTD – consultancy and Excel software development.

Topic:    Project management within Excel (2003). Managing the process of reviewing a large (multi sheet) workbook logically and drawing findings / conclusions. The process is engineered such that a reviewer can inspect the data sources and associate logic instantly.

This presentation concentrates, specifically, on the programming and management of closely related but separate findings/conclusions, such that a report (in MS Word) can be generated directly from the review process.

Is the process sufficiently robust?
Is there a realistic case for developing the same software in ribbon style Excel?

Why;    The software has been on the market for 10 years (nearly). I’m still not certain of the answers to the above questions even though it has been employed extensively within the company. The programming itself is fairly sophisticated and deserves an airing even if the functionality proves unpopular.

The Excel 2003 Add-In is available free (and open-sourced) from

You will have to apply for membership. Sorry, but I must keep the riff-raff out.

Hobbies:    Grandfather-dom, walking/cycling, amateur classical chamber music


Excel Dev conf Jan 2012 – bookings now open

December 13, 2011

If you would like to come to our magnificent Excel Developer conference get yerself over to here:

The…January…2012…Excel…Developer…Conference…Booking…and …payment…page…is…online.

And get yourself booked up.

There will be drinks the night before and even more the night after, we’ll all be staying in the nearest flea pit hotel probably.

I’ll put details on here of which pub we will be in and when in due course (think a day or two before)

hope to see you there