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Conference Feedback

December 16, 2007

Finally got all those feedback forms entered and analysed.

In most areas the results were either 4’s or 5’s (out of 5) so that is very encouraging. Basically the presenters and the content were very well received. As this is the core reason for attending its great that the attendees were so pleased.

The main areas for improvement were around pre-conference admin and information. Part of the issue here was the last minute nature of the event – we only had about 6 weeks from confirmed date/venue till event. As we are already planning for next year, this stuff should be much better organised.

Thanks a lot to all those who took the time to fill out the forms, they will help us make the event even better next time.

As usual leave any other feedback or suggestions for 2008 somewhere on this site and we will find them and consider them.

If you didn’t come this time, but are considering 2008, then you’ll be pleased to hear this years delegates rated the event so highly. We hope (and plan) to do even better next year so watch this space for dates and venues.




Conference resources

December 7, 2007

If you attended the 2007 UK Excel User Conference you should have received an email from me detailing where you can access the supporting slides, documents, workbooks and code for all the sessions we ran.

If you didn’t get the email give me a shout and I’ll send it on. You can also leave a comment here if that’s easier. Break up your email address though if you don’t want to get spammed to oblivion.

If you didn’t attend then you missed out, but don’t worry there will be another event in September 2008 where you can make amends. In the meantime if there is something you would really like included next time around leave a comment on the 2008 suggestions page.

Conference social

November 27, 2007

Here is the plan for the social:

• Wednesday 28th November – pre-conference

Fountain Inn – 7pm Local pub serving Belgian beer, traditional food and pizzas.  Free WiFi.
12 Regent Street

• Thursday 29th November

Pizza Express – 6pm Great pizzas and nice beers.
7a Jesus Lane

• Friday 30th November

Ugly Duckling – 6.30pm Excellent Chinese cuisine in Cambridge’s historic centre.
12 St Johns Street

• Saturday 1st December

Saffron Brassiere – 6.30pm Indian restaurant serving authentic dishes.
36-28 Hills Road

Here is a map (click to open in a new window to print/see properly):


And here is the Word doc we’ll be giving out on Thurs. excel-user-conferencesocial.doc

Any problems let me know



Beat the price rise

November 14, 2007

Seems I got it wrong, I thought prices went up today, but actually today is the last day of the old 10% off prices, they go up tomorrow.

Hurry hurry hurry – theres only a few hours left.

psst – wanna save a few quid??

November 12, 2007

Today and tomorrow are great days for booking your place at the Excel User and Developer conference.

On Wednesday the early bird discount ends and prices revert to the normal price which is about 10% more.

Get over to :

And book your place ASAP to beat the price rise.

Still not sure you want to invest a few hundred pounds in some of the best Excel training around?

Check out the schedule and contact one of the organisers if you have any questions. My contact details are here: (email will work best)



Excel versions

November 12, 2007

A few people have asked about which version of Excel will be used at the conference.

There is no conference preference, each presenter will use whatever they like. For some that is likely to be 2003, for others 2007, and maybe even a bit of 2000 and/or 2002. (And a bit of Excel 5 on Saturday)

Nick is doing a couple of sessions that are specific to 2007 for which I’d be impressed if he tried to use anything but 2007.

My stuff on pivot tables and VBA etc will be 2003 as that is the version I use for client work.

Any other questions just ask



Only 4 weeks left

November 5, 2007

For those of you keen to get your fix of in depth Excel training and advice, try to contain yourselves. There is only 4 weeks to go until the Excel User Conference in Cambridge. 3 days of highy focused, real world advice and training from some of the top Excel users and developers in the country. 3 days and 4 evenings of great networking opportunities. 3 days to take your Excel knowledge to the next level. 3 days to boost your productivity beyond recognition.

All the presenters will be participating in the evening activities, so even if you are too shy to ask your questions during the session, you could always ask them in the pub.

If you would like some advice in choosing the path that best suits your experience and objectives then please get in touch.



Welcome to the UK Excel User Conference blog

November 3, 2007

Title says it all really.

The conference is coming up in a few weeks and we’ll use this blog to keep everyone up to date with any changes and developments.

Its shaping up to be a great event with some excellent speakers presenting extremely useful content.

And don’t forget the chance to socialise and network with fellow Excel users and some of the most prolific newsgroup and forum contributors in the country.

At the very first event in Dallas Forth Worth, one delegate had travelled all the way from Australia to get an answer to one specific question (something about copying button faces as I remember). Anyway he got his answer, in fact I think he got 2 or 3 usable answers, and some source code.

Be sure to bring any questions that are bugging you to the Cambridge event, and you can expect the same great help.

We hope to see you there.